IT 549 Web Page Development

This course was intended to provide students with experience in web page design and development. At first, I didn’t realize the importance of learning how to use HTML code, CSS, and XML until I started using blogs and Learning Management Systems (LMS); in many occasions I had to check the HTML code to figure out why some sentences looked different, or why some links don’t work.web-development-business

Five projects were required throughout the semester:

Project 1: This project involved the design and development of a WebQuest using HTML code. The project included the following:

  • An introduction to the project
  • At least five other sites
  • At least five activities the users must engage in, including at least two activities that require synthesis of information between two sites
  • An evaluation rubric
  • A final product that the users produce
  • Hand coded (no HTML editors)
  • Well-designed visually, including tables or other means to control content
  • Visually appealing design (without images)

Project 2: This project focused on the creation of a photo gallery using CSS and HTML code.  It involved the use of at least 20 images with a title and a caption for each. The images should be well organized, properly formatted and scaled thumbnails.

Project 3: This project involved the design a 5-10 minute PowerPoint presentation related to a current topic that is debated online.  The presentation should then be imported to a website. My presentation was about “Google Street View: The controversy in Germany.”

Project 4:  This project involved the creation of a XML document, the content of which is up to the student.  I chose to create a list of Arabic films that we offer at the LRC at St. Lawrence University.

Project 5: This final project focused on creating a portfolio that includes all the aforementioned projects.