IT 614 Technology in Education

In this course, I worked on activities to be used in my Arabic classes (projects 1, 2 and 3), and projects to be applied at the Language Resource Center (project #4). The most rewarding aspect of this course was project #4 which became a reality when St. Lawrence University received a grant to renovate the Language Labs.webquest

Project 1: Creating a WebQuest. In this project, my WebQuest was about Teaching Arabic Culture through Facebook. Click here for more detail.

Project 2: Creating an audio using Audacity.  In this project, I recorded the poem “To My Mom” and accompanied it with music. I also prepared a lesson plan for this project.

Project 3: Creating an Assistive Technology plan. Each group of students prepared a simulated scenario of a special circumstance that will require a school, business or organization to address accommodations for a specific person. Adherence to ADA and state regulations were also included. The components used to show competence were a research paper, interactive presentation and a video. For this project, I decided to write on dyslexia and show how assistive technology can be used for implementation in the classroom. I chose Dragon Naturally Speaking as my software and Livescribe pen as my hardware for this project.

I started my paper by defining “dyslexia” and then explained the rationale, aims and student identification, communication with stakeholders, and problems and challenges. For Dragon Narurally Speaking and Lifescribe pen I added reviews, advantages, disadvantages, system requirements, implementation, evaluation, and price.  I ended my paper by identifying some grant opportunities that can be used to buy these assistive technologies.

Click here to see the Interactive Presentation, and here to read the paper.

Project 4: Creating a technology plan for a classroom, grade level or individual school. The focus was to prepare a comprehensive plan to be presented to a board of education to either enhance or replace existing infrastructure. My project was about renovating the Language Lab at St. Lawrence University.


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