IT 625 History and Philosophy of Technology Utilization

Arabic multimediaMy project for this course was to create an Arabic multimedia collection. Learning Arabic through music has the potential of keeping students much more engaged than the conventional standard textbooks. In addition, the collection of songs is very appealing to students and is readily accessible “anytime and anywhere.”

The idea was to create an interactive multimedia collection that would be used in all Arabic courses offered at St. Lawrence University. It includes a total of four songs. Each song is accompanied by some or all of the following material, depending on its linguistic, grammatical and cultural content: Lesson plans; online flashcards; online tests; cultural discussion; grammar lessons; activities to go with the song; interactive timeline; PowerPoint; audio files; news broadcasts, television shows, Websites; musical notes; magazines, newspapers, concert brochures, and other printed materials.

Not only will this collection help with the learning of the Arabic language but it will also cover Arabic literature. For every song, information about the poet, the reason(s) behind the song, the style he/she uses and the cultural context are included.

To check the final project click on this link.