IT 635 Research & Theory on Communication and Performance Technology


Taking this course was very rewarding since it taught us all the steps needed to complete an effective research project. We had to submit an IRB application, write a literature review, create surveys, analyze the results, and then present our findings.

The topic that we chose for this course was “Digital Textbooks at St. Lawrence University”. The paper was formatted in such a way to include a comprehensive literature review with contribution from each member of our group.

The following major questions were chosen by our group:

  1. How do you define digital textbooks?
  2. Which features are significant in digital textbooks and in print?
  3. What are the limitations and the benefits of adopting digital textbooks?

We incorporated these questions into two online surveys and included a consent form.

After we submitted an IRB application and received approval, a pre-test was administered. Email solicitations were then sent to the Faculty Listserv and the Student Listserv over a two-week period.reserach & Theory

Following data collection, survey responses were entered into Excel spreadsheets and statistical and qualitative methods were applied in order to describe and interpret the findings. Students and faculty data were analyzed separately using frequency count, cross tabulations, and content analysis of open-ended responses.

Overall, the gathered information corroborated our hypothesis and helped us formulate a better understanding of areas to be improved.

Click here to read the Research Paper, and here to check the PowerPoint presentation.