IT 651 Systematic Design for Performance Improvement

In this course, our group designed a six-hour training workshop for staff development.  The topic we chose was “Sakai in learning and teaching”. Throughout the semester, we read “The Systematic Design of Instruction” book by Dick, W. and Carey, L. and designed our workshop following the book’s suggestions and recommendations.34021_photo

One of my responsibilities as Director of the LRC is to ensure ongoing faculty and staff development, to support high quality student services delivery, and to promote best practices in language learning. We chose Sakai because it is the new LMS that SLU started using in 2013. The purpose of our workshop was to instruct new faculty about the use of Sakai LMS to facilitate in class-course curriculum.  The workshop will introduce Faculty to open source software systems and the possibilities for collaborative learning. It would also teach Faculty how to make use of Sakai’s tools and create a course template using Resource, Gradebook, Communication and Interactive Media tools.

We concluded that the three main goals of our workshop should include:

  • Goal 1:  Learn how to manage a Sakai worksite
  • Goal 2: Setup and use selected tools in Sakai
  • Goal 3: Learn potential future use of Sakai

Click here to read the paper, and here to check the PowerPoint presentation.