IT 654 Program Evaluation

Our group chose the “The internship program at the Language Resource Center (LRC) at St. Lawrence University (SLU).” Being the director of LRC, I found this to be an excellent opportunity to evaluate the services provided by the center, and the performances of the interns.


The project included the following steps:

Step 1 – Description of the program to be evaluated; in this first step

we included the following subheadings: Purpose of the program, basic operation, recent changes, key personnel for operating the LRC, hiring and hiring process, audiences, stakeholders, and program’s clients.

Step 2 – Description of the Evaluation; In this step we inclu

ded the following subheadings: objective, focus, purpose of the evaluation, audiences, stakeholders, clients of the evaluation and the evaluation team.

Step 3 – Description of the major contextual factors that will a

ffect the evaluation. The topics of this step included: Resources available for evaluation are limited; Evaluation may produce negative results; Anonymity and confidentiality; and Cultural awareness.

Step 4 – Creation of the Evaluation questions with primary and secondary questions.  The details of this step were provided and included the following three major questions:

  1. Does the internship program meet its goals?
  2. How do participants view the program?
  3. How to improve the internship program at the Language Resource Center?

Step 5 – Five methods of data collection were identified and involved the following:

  1. Online surveys
  2. Self-reporting
  3. Focus groups
  4. Interviews
  5. Documents review

Step 6 – Management plan. This final step includes the eva

luation timeline, rationale for each item and a budget that totals $11986.00. Appendices such as sample surveys, internship application, training checklist, communications with faculty, staff, and students, and interview questions were also provided.

The evaluation plan was presented to the class in the form of a PowerPoint presentation.

Click here to read the Evaluation Paper, and here for the PowerPoint presentation.