IT 669 Project Development

The plan for this course was to create an interactive map to include major films released in the Arab world. I picked a total of eleven films from the Levant, North Africa and Maghreb. For each film, I included the following:

  • A brief summary of the film
  • The main characters and information about the film Capture(budget, box offices, release dates, running time, languages, countries involved in the production)
  • Trailer (I embedded the official trailer for each film)
  • Questions in Arabic & English (these can be used as homework assignment or to start a discussion among students)
  • Suggested readings (links for articles and study guides related to the film)

Here are the links for the 11 films I have created:

  1. A summer in La Goulette
  2. Al Masir
  3. Amreeka
  4. Caramel
  5. For my Father
  6. Hassan & Marcus
  7. Omar
  8. Lemon Tree
  9. The Nightingale’s Prayer
  10. The Yacoubian Building
  11. Where Do We Go Now?

Once the content was created, I worked with the GIS office to set up an interactive map with links.  Here’s the link to the interactive map.