Welcome to my Blog

My name is Gisele El Khoury and I’m originally from Lebanon. I moved to the United States in 2005, and since then I have been involved in teaching Arabic language in private and public universities.14738208-cartoon-like-drawings-of-flags-showing-friendship-between-lebanon-and-usa

Besides my interest in teaching, I am also the director of the Language Resource Center at St. Lawrence University, and part of my job, as director, is to find ways to enhance the use of technology in the classrooms and labs. I have been involved in training faculty, Teaching Assistants and LRC staffs for the past four years. Being involved with technology on a daily basis gave me the opportunity and ability to develop supplement materials for all my classes; I use PowerPoint presentations, songs, movies, blogs, cartoons, also programs like Audacity (to record), iMovie (to create film) and many other web 2.0 tools on a weekly basis with my classes.

Currently, I’m pursuing a Master degree in Educational Technology.

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